Twitter Profile Image Size Explained

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What sizes will your Twitter profile image appear on Twitter?

(April 2014 Update: Twitter rolled out a new design across the platform, all the templates on this site are optimized for the new design)
The biggest size that your Twitter Profile Image will appear on Twitter is 500x500 Pixels. This size will be shown only when someone clicks on your profile picture above the description on your twitter account. If you upload a picture smaller than this, it will be shown at the size you uploaded it in. 

This size will be shown only when someone clicks on your profile image in your main home page.

Twitter profile image 500x500 pixelsTwitter profile image 500x500 pixels

The next size  is 73 x 73 pixels.
This size will be shown above the description on your Twitter header image.

Twitter profile image 73x73 pixelsTwitter profile image 73x73 pixels

The next size that your twitter profile image will be shown at is 48 x 48 pixels.
This size will be shown most often. every time you tweet a new post, it will be shown next to the post.

Twitter profile image 48x48 pixelsTwitter profile image 48x48 pixels

The smallest size your profile image will appear is 31x31 px.
This size will be show only to you, under the Home tab in the top left corner.

Twitter profile image 31x31 pixelsTwitter profile image 31x31 pixels

For optimal results, Download a free template for the Twitter Profile here.

Instructions for editing the template:

1. Download
2. Open with Photoshop
3. Insert your graphics.
4. Save as .jpeg or .png
5. Upload to Twitter